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Hola, soy El Guerrero del SEO se lleva el trofeo

Así sin mas, soy el autentico Guerrero del SEO, con legitimo derecho a llevarse el trofeo.

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About The Project

Pancho is a multipurpose template created by Ariel Sperduti. This template is perfect for personal or company blogs. It features four HTML pages: landing page/homepage, blog index, sample post and a contact page.

Future Features

  • A score of 100 in PageSpeed Insights
  • Completely SEO Optimized
  • Extract and inline critical CSS automatically
  • LazyLoad

Getting Started


To begin using this temaplate just:


Once downloaded, just edit the HTML and CSS files included, you can add your images and pages. To preview your website simply open the index.html file in your favorite browser.

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El Guerrero del SEO se lleva el trofeo

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